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Our founder;
Patrik Johansson

In the early 2000s, Patrik Johansson collaborated closely with a clinic in Gothenburg to test a new tool for the hearing impaired. His entrepreneurial mind picked up on other problems and needs during this peridode. He noted that in its communication with care providers, the clinic passed several manual ranks such as phone calls, faxes, letters, and long wait times to implement something as simple as a booking for care.
There and then he asked himself whether these ranks could not be shortened with digital technology in order to save time?

Patrik began to investigate the problem and soon he had mapped out where digital technology could create value. The pattform, which would soon be named Boka Doktorn, began to take shape.
Patrik commissioned a developer to start coding a simple booking system where care providers could log in to make an appointment for the care applicants at the healthcare provider. Book the Doctor saw his first days and the rest is history!

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