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Our products

Streamline claims settlement with smart systems

With the help of our smart systems for claims settlement of vehicle damages, you'll have better cost control and spend less time on administration.

Our products for insurance companies


Through our calculation service CABAS, actual and visible times are used for every stage in the repair, which results in fewer questions regarding time consumption. In order to make the administrative work easier, the insurance and damage question function can be used. The correct damage and insurance information is then imported automatically into the calculation, significantly reducing the handling time. The calculation is sent in a standard format, which makes it easy to transfer information to the insurance companies' own systems for further analysis.

Auto Reply

CAB Auto Reply is our automatic review of calculations. The function provides vehicle technicians with assistance in shortening the handling time, as well as the potential to focus on their practical work. The insurance companies communicate quickly and efficiently with the workshops via Estimate Reply, directly or via system integrations. The calculation is updated automatically with information from Estimate Reply. This means that the information is always updated and correct, which also leads to faster handling. In the event of approved vehicle damage, the insurance company can easily notify the insured party by text message using our CAB SMS service.

Integrations and additional services

CAB offers a number of additional services that streamline the claims process and integrations that enable communication with other business systems. Contact us and we will tell you more about what CAB can do for you.


Are you interested in our products and services for insurance companies? Please contact us!

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