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Our products

How long does it take to repair a vehicle?

There are as many answers to this question as there are vehicles and types of collision damage. The variables are almost infinite. The answer is naturally dependent on the vehicle and the spare parts in question, but also on the what technology is available and what materials and methods are required. CAB's system helps the workshop to estimate repair times, plan the work and streamline communication with insurance companies.

Products for workshops


When a vehicle needs to be repaired, there are two questions that those involved immediately want answered: how long will it take and how much will it cost? This is of course dependent on a number of different circumstances. Using the CABAS calculation system, you can quickly and easily calculate both the time and cost of vehicle repairs – regardless of vehicle or damage.


CABAS Heavy is a calculation system for calculating times for damage repairs on heavy vehicles. CABAS specifies which spare parts and actions are affected by the repair. In this way you are provided with the total repair cost as well as all the documents that both the workshop and the insurance companies need in one and the same system.

CAB Plan

CAB Plan is a booking, planning and communication tool in one single solution, which means that you can effectively plan the entire repair process. The product with its additional services are used by more than 1,200 collision repair workshop and 50 insurance companies in more than 10 countries across northern Europe. Our customers manage more than a million collision repairs every year with CAB Plan.


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