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Kuralink - BDC Care

A little way into the conversation, both the client and I forget that we’re sitting in different rooms

Örjan Magnusson – Licensed Psychologist, Specialist competence in KBT and psychotherapy.

How do you think BDC Care works?

I see BDC Care as a stable and secure service. In my business, there are high demands on stability in the digital platform. Video calls must not be hacked or suffered by other technical errors. The client should feel comfortable with how to connect and confident that our conversations are safe. I feel confident in being able to offer my customers BDC Care.

How does BDC Care create value for you today and how do you hope to use it in the future?

At present I have clients who in some cases live 10-15 miles from the reception. We have then met live initially and then continued to meet via BDC Care. Some of my clients work in other parts of the country or abroad for periods. It is then practical to be able to continue to maintain continuity with our conversations via BDC Care.
In the future, I also intend to be able to use the platform in supervision assignments. BDC Care can connect me as a supervisor, and up to four participants in the group.

Yrselcentrum BDC Care

What is your general approach to healthcare through digital meetings?

As a psychotherapist, I have been hesitant about digital meetings based solely on chat conversation. Now that I have tried video calls via BDC Care, that feature has surprised me. We have had meetings when the client sat with his mobile in the car on top of a ski slope 40 miles from the reception, or in Downtown Manhattan. And it's worked well. Shortly into the conversation, both me and the client forget that we are not sitting in the same room.

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