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Kuralink for care providers

Kuralink, formerly known as Boka Doktorn, is an established platform used by both large and small operations for the treatment of patients with private health insurance. In the platform, insurance companies and care providers collaborate on assignments related to health and medical care. As a care provider, you subscribe to the platform, where your operations and resources are registered in a care provider register. This means that your operations, together with the treatments and services you offer, will be searchable and visible for booking by care clients.

Since 2019, the platform has also been used for ordering services in the field of occupational health!

A complete tool that helps you to streamline your work.

Before we describe the benefits of Kuralink and the value these benefits provide to various types of businesses, let’s talk about security.
Kuralink is a secure tool in which all communication is encrypted and managed in accordance with GDPR and PDL. To gain access to the platform, care providers require authentication via a BankID and/or HSA-ID card.

User friendly

Kuralink consists of an intuitive web interface, where you can configure your offerings within health and medical care. Medical records, referrals, treatment plans, surgical enquiries and digital invoices can easily be sent in the communication flow.


The interface is flexible, providing you with the opportunity to use all the functions and services that the platform has to offer, or simply to focus on the functions you need. Your specific business needs will govern the choice of functionality and subscription.

Digi-physical care

Using the platform, you can offer digital care through our own video service, BDC Care, or your existing video solution. This provides you with the opportunity to conduct digital care and digi-physical care for insurance cases in a versatile manner.

Kuralink offers a complete platform that has all the information gathered in one place – optimised knowledge, in other words!

What do we mean by “everything gathered in one place”?

The insurance companies create a booking with an associated claim in Kuralink. The claim contains patient information, a specification of symptoms and, in some cases, attachments.
The patient automatically receives booking information with access to the customer portal, where they can manage their booking if necessary.

You communicate with the care client about the patient in the same claim, adding treatment with invoicing as the final step.
In practice, this means that you don’t have to work with several windows open. Furthermore, you have access to statistics concerning all your activity in Kuralink.

Have we awakened your curiosity?

You can read more about Kuralink’s many functions below, as well as how they interact with each other.

We know that different businesses have different needs.

One model will not suit everyone!
Kuralink has been developed to be implemented easily for large and small businesses alike.
When signing up, you choose which functions you want to use, and to what extent.
Here you can read about which functions are included on initial connection, as well as which additional services are offered for you to grow with.

Functions and usability on connection:

Visibility in relation to care clients

When you connect to Kuralink, you gain access to your account for setting up with clinic-specific information.

You customise your account with information that is available to our connected care clients.

Specific information targeted at patients goes to the customer portal (address, payment options, contact details, other information).

Information for the patient

When a booking is made, the patient receives an automated notification including a link, which provides them with access to a separate interface – the customer portal.

In the customer portal, the patient can access booking information where they can manage their time by booking, cancelling or moving appointments.

All changes made by the patient are registered in the claim under history.

Orders received for care and rehabilitation

Bookings regarding your treatments and services are received together with a claim in your Kuralink account.

Care clients can make direct bookings and/or allocate an “appointment ticket” (a type of “open” booking where you, as the care provider, assign the booking to a suitable treatment resource).

The treatments you perform on the patient are registered in the claim, with the option of sending a digital invoice directly via the additional service QAM (quality-assured invoices).

Manage bookings

Kuralink has a booking system for direct booking of patients with health insurance.

If your medical records system is integrated, your available appointment times are transferred automatically from the medical records system to Kuralink.

Automated notifications

You never miss important information, thanks to our automated e-mail and text message* notifications.

The notifications are sent to:

  • The care provider (optional).
  • The business’s inbox.
  • The patient in the form of e-mail and text message (booking of appointment, cancellation/transfer of appointment).
  • The insurance company.

The notifications are triggered when new cases are received and when new information is added to an existing claim.

Data reports

It is possible to produce detailed statistical reports in Kuralink. These create value in the planning of your business.

You gain access to:

Standard report for completed appointments and offered times.
Activity log in the account where events are registered.

For more detailed reports, you can order the additional service Business Intelligence Reports. External link.

Online appointment book for private patients

Our Web appointment book service is aimed at care providers who want to offer private patients (all patients outside the insurance flow) an online appointment book.

The Web appointment book is directly integrated with Kuralink, which means that patients have access to your available Kuralink appointments and can make a booking themselves via your website.

When the patient makes an appointment, they need to fill in their personal details and describe their symptoms. The booking will be sent to your account in Kuralink.

*The Web appointment book is included as part of our video service, BDC Care.

Business-specific statistical reports

Through Business Intelligence (BI) reports, you are gaining a powerful computer tool for viewing and predicting trends and working more efficiently with business planning.

Everything that happens within Kuralink can be used to obtain valuable statistics in areas such as: what possible seasonal variations occur, how many treatments take place in the event of a particular diagnosis, etc.
The reporting tool also gathers information from the customer satisfaction survey, which makes it possible to perform qualitative following-up in real time.

Integration with other systems

Kuralink offers comprehensive handling of claims. If you want to integrate with existing systems, this is easily achieved on request.

Integration enables the transfer of information between Kuralink and medical records systems or financial systems, in order to further streamline work processes.

Digital care

BDC Care is a separate product that can be used for the digital care of all your patients.

Read more about BDC Care and how you can easily digitalise your clinic. »

Communication in the claim

Using this function, care providers can extend communication in the claim by:

  • Uploading documents and files.
  • Communicating directly with care clients in the claim using messaging.
  • Sending referrals and quotation requests regarding treatment options and surgery.

Digital invoicing

We offer invoicing via Kuralink. Our Quality Assurance Module can be used in three different ways, depending on your needs.

To find out more about QAM - invoicing service contakt us.

Automated dispatching of customer satisfaction survey

The Customer satisfaction survey is a patient survey that is sent out on behalf of care providers and/or insurance companies.

The purpose of the survey is to gather data that can describe the experience of each patient who follows the chain from insurance company to care provider.

If you would like to see what form such a survey takes, please feel free to contact us.

Expand your business with occupational health care or the role of a network partner.

Occupational health care

We know that company doctors, company nurses, behavioural scientists, physiotherapists and psychologists are specialists that are in high demand within occupational health. Please feel free to contact us and we will tell you more about the role. Here you can read about how Comveritas works with occupational health in Kuralink.

Network partner

As a network partner in Kuralink, you are acting on assignment as a care client. You create your own network and carry out bookings and the management of claims. Read more about network partners here.

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Kuralink training for care providers

Learn how to get the maximum benefit from our platform with our training courses.
Book a course when you first sign up, in order to get started more quickly with the work in Kuralink.

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